How we can help your return to the school routine

 Hatch Hardware are more than your local hardware shop. Here are a few areas we can help you with to get ready for September and the beginning of another school term.

We offer a full range of household cleaning and laundry products to keep those shirts white and uniforms pristine.  If the return to school means you'll get an hour of uninterrupted time to tidy or find your floors again, we have mops, brushes, cleaning cloths and more to help with that too.

For anyone needing a little extra nudge to get up in time for the school bus, we also stock house clocks and alarm clocks helping to keep everyone on time.   

Not got your stationary supplies yet?  We also stock a full range of pens, pencils, cases, highlighters and and anything else your pencil case might need to feel ready for the big first day back.

If you're at home while they're in school and have been staring at that DIY project you've meant to get around to all summer but haven't had the time to get to it; we also have everything you might need to tackle most household repairs, including a full range of enamel, metal, wood or masonry paint instore.

Check out our sections above to help you find whatever you might need for your family's return to the school term.  If you can't find what you need, give us a ring on 02890 614526