School Term tips from our family to yours

Hatch Hardware has been a family business for over 80 years.  It moved from the Hatch family less than ten years ago to the Gordon family who run it now with the expert assistance of Gerry in the retail shop who you will certainly have met if you came to visit us.  As a family of 5, we understand the pros and cons of the school term starting again, so we thought we could provide a few of our favourite tips to staying organised and a few of our favourite products to help.

1) Non iron uniforms are great, however the Bosch Steam Iron can power through uniforms easily. Click here!

2) Memo board and Marker - we love to keep everyone on the same page and find this is easiest when everyones after school activities and family commitments are written in a central place our kitchen.  Here's a link to the one we use 

3) Sometimes coffee on the go is a must, in those times, we love the thermocafe travel travel mugs. (click here)  We love them because they keep coffee warm for about an hour!

4) Homework time is always easier when the stationary is fun, we love to use lots of colour especially for our younger minds to inspire creativity.  Check out the range available from this link p.s. The markers on this page have encouraged our little girl to spend hours drawing this summer!

5)  When homework gets a little challenging, white board markers let us change things up and sometimes how your percieve something changes when you look at it differently.  Check out our stationary range linked above...